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Are YOU running for Job? March 30, 2011

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I can’t believe that it’s already been a week since this project was launched. So much has happened since then which I am eternally grateful for. I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the run itself, mostly from people who are interested in running with me. As such, I’ve decided to release the details of said run.

On May 15th (Sunday), I plan on running in UP Diliman at around 4:30pm. If I start on time, I will finish running by 7:30pm. That gives me enough time to cool down after, freshen up, have dinner, and sleep early enough for work the following day. The UP Acad Oval is approximately 2.2 kilometers long. If I stick to the oval, I will be doing around ten or so rounds in the three hour time limit I’ve given myself. If I get bored, UP is so huge that there’s lots of streets to run around in. So far, I have a Nike+ iPod Sport Kit which a friend has loaned to me. If you are running with me and you own a Garmin, feel free to use it so we can get the average of the kilometers logged for accuracy. I will be posting my run log to show you how many kilometers I completed to ensure transparency in the collection of pledges. I will not round up the log. So if I finish 23.99 kilometers, I will only count it as 23 finished kilometers. I MIGHT have to change the venue if more people volunteer to run with me. As such, kindly leave a comment if you are interested in being a Runner for Job.

Just a little background on my running “experience”. I was never really a good runner. In fact, a lot of people are surprised that I’m actually running, considering how much I used to hate it. I even lost my first aquathlon because my run split was so slow. Anyway, I started running November of 2010 (just last year). A friend of mine signed me up for the 3k in the Run for Pasig, which was more of a walkathon than a run. HeHe. I joined the Men’s Health Urbanathlon soon after that where I did the 5k. I joined one more 5k race before doing my first 10k a month later at the QCIM. I made a promise to myself at the start of the year that I would finish a 10k by 2010, which is why I really pushed myself at that first 10k. After that, I registered for Condura’s 21k, but I had a terrible bout with rashes/skin asthma and had to cancel. Goodbye, 1k reg fee! 😦 A few weeks later, my friends and I signed up for the Animo Run in Clark. That was my first half marathon and my longest run so far. Boy, that was one tough course! The hills were killer. I’m just glad I survived that one! So anyway, to help you guys out with your pledges and for your reference, I finished that 21k in 2 hours and 34 minutes. For this coming run, I’m hoping to hit 25k or farther.

As you can see, I’m not a very fast runner. So if you do decide to run with me, expect to run an easy pace, especially if you’re a more seasoned runner. Remember that we are running for Baby Job. We’re not after any PR’s or what. We’re simply here to run. Again, thank you and God bless you. Looking forward to running with you. 🙂


Lifesaver shirts and baller ID’s for sale March 28, 2011

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As part of their fundraising efforts, Job Tyrese’s parents are selling Lifesaver shirts and baller ID’s.The baller ID’s are being sold for Php 100 each, while the shirts are being sold for Php 330 each. There is a simpler version of the shirt which is also being sold for Php 300. You can click on the photos for more details.

I just placed an order for the blue and black baller ID’s. I’ll be handing them out as a simple thank you token to everyone who pledges for Job, regardless of the amount. If you don’t have enough money to pledge for this run, I hope you consider buying a baller ID. Every peso counts for Baby Job! 🙂

Countdown: 6 weeks, 6 days till I run for Job March 27, 2011

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What a weekend this has been! Saturday morning was spent biking around Daang Hari. Boy, was it HOT and WINDY. I haven’t been riding my bike out much because of work and other things, so I was very excited to be riding in DH again. I’d been a little worried with my lack of training and was pretty intimidated with the uphills going back to Petron from the turnaround point. Luckily, a friend of mine gave me some tips which I tried on the road yesterday and they worked! Woohoo! The headwinds and the crosswinds were really tough, though. There were times when I thought I would get blown away by the wind. Did around 41km followed by a short 30 minute run to complete a brick workout. The run may have been short, but it was H-O-T!!! I think it was around 10am when I started running around Westgate. I’ll be doing my first duathlon in Alabang next week, and I expect to be doing the last run leg more or less at the same time. I really really hope there will be enough aid stations or else I’m DEAD. Scared and excited at the same time. No target time for this race, just want to be able to finish. 🙂

Of course, the weekend wouldn’t be complete without a run down of our pledges. Quite a number of people have been kind enough to send in their pledges. I’m still in awe every time I check the grand total. Big pledges, small pledges, they’re all the same – they come from the heart! On top of that, there were about nine people who offered to run with me. Thank you so much! Let’s keep this streak going. 🙂

On a side note, I stumbled upon this blog today. Willie Revillame humiliates a crying 6-year old boy as he dances. I can’t believe the MTRCB and other media execs let this douche bag get away with things like this! And I can’t believe this boy’s aunt just stood there clapping! 😦

Surreal March 25, 2011

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Have an early bike ride tomorrow with some friends, but before I go to bed, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have helped this project. I woke up really early today for a bike session. Normally, I push the snooze button on my phone’s alarm and delay the inevitable, but today was different. I checked my email and my eyes were wide in shock. Within 2 hours of launching this site, I’d already received pledges for Baby Job. I checked the site stats and there were so many visits while I was asleep. AMAZING! This continued further into the day. Many of you have been sharing the link to this website and a number of you have already made pledges for Job. It’s unreal. The entire day, all I could think was, “Wow, I have such amazing people surrounding me.” I’ll never get tired of saying, “Thank you,” to each and every one of you. This is a wonderful thing that we have all done. Let’s keep it up!

Again, thank you and goodnight! Have a great weekend!

This is it! I’m running for Job! March 24, 2011

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Thank you so much for finding your way to this site. My name is Mara Guevara. I’m an Architect by day and wannabe triathlete at night. I’ll be celebrating my twenty-sixth (26th) birthday this 08 May 2011. This year, I’ve decided to hold a benefit run for Job Tyrese.

Job Tyrese is a nine month old baby who was born with Biliary Atresia – a fatal, serious and rare liver disease that affects 1 in 15,000 newborn infants. His liver does not have bile ducts which are supposed to help the liver drain out bile to pass it to the intestines for proper food digestion. This disease is destroying his liver. He has yellowish eyes and skin (jaundice) and his stomach is noticeably bigger than normal babies’.  When he was two months old, he underwent a Kasai procedure. This procedure temporarily provides a passageway for his liver. Unfortunately, the procedure was a failure. His only option at this point is a liver transplant which costs approximately Php 3 million.

Job’s parents are newlyweds who work as nurses and only make enough money for daily expenses and medications. They started a blog(http://www.hopeforjob.blogspot.com) to raise funds for their son’s liver transplant, and this is where my birthday project begins.

On 15 May 2011, I commit to running as many kilometers as I can for three hours in an effort to raise funds for Baby Job’s liver transplant. I will be accepting pledges in two ways:

  1. You can pledge a certain amount for each kilometer that I complete. Minimum pledge is a measly Php 10 per kilometer. So if I finish twenty five (25) kilometers in three hours, you would have pledged Php 250 for Job’s cause.
  2. You can pledge a fixed amount regardless of how many kilometers I finish. Minimum fixed pledge is Php 250.
  • The amounts stated above are the minimum. If you wish to pledge a higher amount, then that is most welcome.

As this is a benefit run, I am minimizing expenses by providing for my own hydration needs. There will be no aid stations, kilometer markers, free singlet, medal, or other luxuries provided in other runs. My only aid station will be my car. I will provide for my own electrolyte drinks, salt tabs and energy gels. All you have to do is pledge for Job.

For those of you that run, feel free to accompany me so I don’t get bored. HeHeHe. You can run with me for one kilometer, ten kilometers or even for the entire three hours. You can even bike alongside me, if you want to. It’s up to you. What’s important is that I raise funds for Baby Job.

For fixed pledges, you may deposit them to the following:

PS Bank Boni Serrano
Account Name: Ma. Charissa F. Guevara
Account Number: 091-111-00438-8

Please make sure you scan and email your transaction slip and email itmarafguevara@yahoo.com.

For kilometer pledges, please email me (marafguevara@yahoo.com) or text me (0915 937 5899) the following:

Contact number
Pledge per kilometer completed

I will also require a minimum downpayment of Php 150, to be deposited to the above mentioned bank account to ensure your pledge.

You can also pay thru paypal:

Thank you and hoping for your kind consideration!

– Mara

slowly but surely March 23, 2011

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I’ve filled up some details on this birthday project. Feel free to browse through the About me and About Job page as well as the Running for Job page. Still have to iron out some things before launching this, but am getting very excited. Hope it turns out well. Suggestions welcome! 🙂

Testing March 22, 2011

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Testing this site. Details coming soon. In the meantime….